IT Support

Different Tier that support & manages different level of issues and challenges. With the level of the IT maintenance contract, we provide comprehensive tools and monitoring utilities that detects any problems anytime.


office setup

Not only are we experienced in office setup and relocation, we are also meticulous in our project planning and coordination with various vendor (ID, ISP, Movers, and others) to ensure we meet the project timeline.


web solutions

We provide basic & advance web hosting, domain registration for all extension, professional web design, Customized CMS, eCommerce, SEOs, CRM, Application Design, Programmed Software, and many others.


We have propositions for everybody!

ML Systems Integrator Pte Ltd is built on the belief that the management of Information Technology for businesses is much like legal advice, accounting, graphics and other bodies of knowledge, in that it is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect. Businesses need to use qualified management vendors as they use their other professional services suppliers, as trusted allies. We provide qualified and certified professionals to manage our customer assets.

We pride ourselves by providing the best solutions for our customers and ensure that their assets are in the best performance. By outsourcing their Information Technology management to us, customers are able to focus on their core competency and at the same time have a fast responding "I.T. Department"..


recent news

Cabling Project

Bidding for cabling project for non-profit organization. We feel good doing something good for the society!

Server Upgrade and Migration

Setting up new AD and FS for one of our new signed up Law Firm client. Glad we are able to meet their expectation and the transition is smooth!

Office Relocationt

Even though it's on the same building, we are glad to pull off for our new client (Italian Restaurant) in such a short 1 week notice. Grazie!!

Offsite Support

Client requested an offsite IT support to setup O365 with MFA and all for all the counterparts personnel which is having annual meeting in Singapore. Whoa!

VMare Quotation

Failed to bid a VM project with our clients. It's unfortunate and sad but nevertheless, we are always giving 101% of our knowledge and service to our prosect and clients!

our support

Live Chat Support

We provide free consultation, quotations, and also help out on any IT challenges you have. Click to chat with one of our professionals.

Ticketing System

You can create a ticket to log in your query or issues and you are able to track the updates of that particular ticket. Create one now.

Documentation Guides

We have a rich pool of documentation guides from desktop to network to common practice to simple clean up, etc. Feel free to download them.

Remote Support

You will be able to download and install our remote software which allows us to remote in and rectify your problems.

Monitoring Support

Once you've signed up an agreement with us, we will monitor all your IT appliances & perpherals in the office to prevent major disastor.

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