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    Google Search Hacks

    Google Search Hacks


    We are going to show you how to properly use one of the most powerful tools you’ve got at hand: Google Search.


    1. Double Exclude


    Search Command Result Include
    brownie recipe -milk -eggs All pages that rank for brownie recipe except those that include milk or eggs.


    You can mix and combine all of these Google Search commands to better refine your query.


    Add a space and then another negative keyword to omit more than one. This example search will give you brownie recipes that include neither milk nor eggs.


    2. The Boolean Search


    Search Command Result Include
    dog AND cat Pages that have both the words dog and cat
    dog OR cat Pages that have either the word dog or cat
    dog|cat Same as using OR


    Use AND or OR (all caps) to perform a boolean search by sticking it between two other words. The pipe operator (|) is the same as using OR.


    3. The Tilde to Thesaurize


    Search Command Result Include
    ~large Pages that have words similar to large, such as big, great, massive, and others


    The tilde symbol generally means approximately, about, or around in English, and placing one just before a search term will broaden your query to match. Note that synonym searches are the default now, so this is all but redundant.


    4. Temperature, Weather & Forecast


    Search Command Result Include
    forecast Your local weather and forecast summary
    temperature Your local weather and forecast summary
    weather 11106 Weather and forecast summary for 11106
    forecast 11106 Weather and forecast summary for 11106
    temperature 11106 Weather and forecast summary for 11106


    Weather, temperature, and forecast seem to provide the same, albeit convenient, rich card result.


    5. Everything about the Google Calculator


    Search Command Result Include
    calculator A full scientific calculator at the top
    1+1 Sum (addition)
    2-2 Difference (subtraction)
    3*3 Product (multiplication)
    4/4 Quotient (division)
    5^5 5 to the fifth power
    30% of 100 Percentage


    These calculator Google shortcuts explain themselves, but how cool are they, huh? If you live and work in your browser, skip opening up the calculator app on your computer or phone and use Google instead. No need to type an equal sign (=), the search button takes care of that.


    6. Determine That Date


    Search Command Result Include
    easter The current year’s Easter date


    You can easily use Google Search to remind you of an upcoming holiday, so you can plan accordingly. Note that if a holiday has just passed, it will show you that one—the current year’s date, rather than the future date.

    7. More Unit Conversions


    Search Command Result Include
    2 kg to lb How many pounds in two kilograms
    32 fahrenheit to celsius How many degrees celsius equal 32℉
    100 usd to eur How many euros equal 100 US dollars
    12 inch in cm How many centimeters in 12 inches


    We just talked about time conversions, but you can do so many other unit-to-unit conversions with Google. From currencies to measurements, Google’s got you covered.


    8. Get Info on a Site


    Search Command Result Include
    info:nytimes.com A single-result SERP with just the homepage


    This one used to be more helpful, but since Google has moved to zero-result SERPs, this particular Google command has lost some of its power. Still, you may find some use for it (and let me know if you do!).


    9. Get Cached Version of a Site


    Search Command Result Include
    cache:djaunter.com The latest cached version of that specific URL from Google


    Using cache: before a URL will immediately bring up the Google User Content cached version of that page. Note that it requires a specific URL per result, so it can include subfolders, child pages, and subdomains.


    10. Investigate Company Information


    Search Command Result Include
    founder google Snippet with rich cards including founders of Google
    ceo google Rich card with current CEO of Google
    cfo google Rich card with current CFO of Google


    Are you trying to know to whom to address a cover letter? Perhaps doing some competitor research?


    Google Search gives rich card results for any of a number of searches. Just type in the position (CEO, CTO, etc.) followed by the company, and voila!

    11. More Advanced Mathematics


    Search Command Result Include
    solve rhombus Rhombus dimensions based on other input
    solve triangle Triangle dimensions based on other input
    solve rectangle Rectangle dimensions based on other input
    solve circle Circle dimensions based on other input
    solve pentagon Pentagon dimensions based on other input
    solve hexagon Hexagon dimensions based on other input


    We brought up Google’s impressive calculator functionality before, but Google can offer way more advanced mathematics. You can get the answers to geometry dimensions of several shapes, and you can solve for area, side, perimeter, diagonal, diagonal (p), diagonal (q), base, height, side, side (a), side (c), gamma, length, radius, diameter, and circumference!


    12. In Titles, URLs & Anchors


    Search Command Result Include
    intitle:best avocado ice cream Pages with these keywords (may skip one or two) in page title
    allintitle:best avocado ice cream Pages with each and every keyword in page title
    Inanchor:avocado ice cream/td> Pages with these words in anchor text (may skip some)
    allinanchor:avocado Pages with each and every keyword in anchor text
    inurl:avocado ice cream Pages with these keywords (may skip one or two) in URL slug
    allinurl:avocado ice cream Pages with each and every keyword in URL slug


    Remember intext and allintext? These are the same, but they let you search only in the titles, URLs, or anchor texts of pages and articles.


    13. Search Through Social Media


    Search Command Result Include
    bananas @twitter Twitter profiles, tweets, etc. that include bananas
    #banana/td> Anything with hashtag-bananas


    If you’re in marketing, or you just want to sift through all the noise, use the @ or # symbols to help you along. The @ will work with other social media platforms, such as Facebook.


    14. Get Song Names and a List of Episodes


    Search Command Result Include
    songs by ed sheeran An interactive snippet with thumbnails of all songs (with dates) by Ed Sheeran
    game of thrones episodes/td> An interactive snippet with thumbnails of all episodes (with dates) of GoT


    Similar to the author’s book search, you can get the same snippet for show episodes and singer’s songs, as well.


    15. Sports Scores & Overview


    Search Command Result Include
    yankees Latest scores, standings, and upcoming games


    Use Google to get a detailed look at your favorite team. This rich card offering is really rich, including stats, scores per inning (baseball), upcoming games, news, division rankings, and more.


    16. Earthquake


    Search Command Result Include
    earthquake USGS info showing the time, place, and magnitude of recent earthquakes.


    Typing in earthquake give you United States Geological Survey information of recent earthquakes around the world. And, if it’s affecting you, quick access to safety advice!


    17. Sunrise & Sunset


    Search Command Result Include
    sunrise Upcoming sunrise time in your locale
    sunset Upcoming sunettime in your locale
    sunrise in san francisco Upcoming sunrise time in specific city
    sunset in jakarta Upcoming sunet time in specific city


    Get the exact sunrise or sunset time in your city by simply searching for either word. If you want to know the sunrise or sunset for another city, just add that city to your query. Simple and effective!


    Hopefully these Google Search hacks will help you lead a more productive work life.