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    Ragnar Locker is deploying Windows XP virtual machines to encrypt victim's files while evading detecting from security software installed on the host. It is the latest ransomware launched at the end of December 2019 targeting corporate networks in company-wide attacks, also well known for its attack on energy giant Energias de Portugal (EDP), where the attackers asked for a $10.9 million ransom after claiming to have...

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    Recent phishing campaigns have combined a clever use of fake voicemail, phony Microsoft email, and off-the-shelf phishing kits to target high-value victims.   Office 365 users are a constant target for phishers because their accounts can give access to high-value company data and systems. Hackers have now stepped up their game with new attacks that use audio files masquerading as voicemails to trick users into exposing their...

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