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    Humanity has come a long way from the times when the Internet became mainstream. Initially what began as a research project ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) funded by DARPA has grown aggressively and has single-handedly shaped human behavior.   When WWW (world wide web) came into existence, it was meant to share information over the Internet, from there part through natural evolution and part through webonomics...

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        Beware, Dear Windows Users!   The cybercriminal group behind BitPaymer and iEncrypt ransomware attacks has been found exploiting a zero-day vulnerability affecting a little-known component that comes bundled with Apple's iTunes and iCloud software for Windows to evade antivirus detection.   The vulnerable component in question is the Bonjour updater, a zero-configuration implementation of network communication protocol that works silently in the background and automates various low-level network tasks,...

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    The world of connected consumer electronics, IoT, and smart devices is growing faster than ever with tens of billions of connected devices streaming and sharing data wirelessly over the Internet. It is fast. It is efficient. But is it secure? As we connect everything from coffee maker to front-door locks and cars to the Internet, we are sacrificing security for efficiency and creating more potential—and...

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