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    For the better part of 2019, TikTok contained vulnerabilities that could have enabled hackers to access users’ personal information, payment details and private videos.   The flaws were detailed today by a group of researchers from cybersecurity provider Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. The company previously reported the issue to TikTok’s creator, China-based ByteDance Ltd., in November and waited for a fix to be rolled out before...

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      Researchers analysed data leaked in various data breaches to bring this study forward.   Passwords ‘12345,’ ‘123456,’ and ‘123456789’ were the most common passwords, followed by ‘test1’ and, of course the password ‘password’.   A bunch of independent anonymous researchers composed a list of 200 most popular passwords that were leaked in data breaches during 2019 and shared it with security firm NordPass.     What Researchers Found?   NordPass collected and...

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