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      SINGAPORE: The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel may be affected by a potential ST Logistics personal data breach.   ST Logistics said in a media release on Saturday (Dec 21) that the potential breach was a result of a recent series of email phishing activities involving malicious malware sent to its employees’ email accounts.   “This data, contained in working files...

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      SINGAPORE - A local software development company that works with schools here has been slapped with a $60,000 fine for failing to secure the personal information of nearly 48,000 students, parents and staff in 2016.   According to documents released on Thursday (Dec 5) by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), the company, which provides schools here with attendance-taking technology, had created vulnerabilities in a school's attendance system,...

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