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    Today, a Taiwanese security researcher published additional information on three vulnerabilities in the firmware of QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) devices.    Henry Huang, the security researcher, reported that the bugs reside in Photo Station, a photo album app that comes preinstalled with all recent versions of QNAP NAS systems.    He mentioned that the Photo Station app is installed on about 80% of all QNAP NAS systems. He believes, to be around 450,000 devices, in a rough estimate based on results generated by the Shodan IoT search engine. The...

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      A newly detected form of ransomware is not only targeting networks but in the case of a successful infection also encrypts all connected devices.   “Snake” ransomware was first detected by security researchers at MalwareHunterTeam last week and detailed by “ethical hacker” Vitali Kremez to reverse-engineer it. Kremez describes Snake as containing a higher level of obfuscation than is typical of previous forms of ransomware.   Snake removes a targeted computer’s Shadow Volume...

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