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    Technology Risk Management Services

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    Mission Statement

    To address the challenges associated with conducting the Total Risk Management (TRM) exercise which can be a costly and resource-intensive process in the market.

    By leveraging our solution, we aim to help organizations achieve regulatory compliance and meet the standards set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


    IT Report

    Every Month


    Critical System Identification

    Roles & Responsibilities

    IT Assets Management

    Physical Securities

    User Access Control

    Establishment of RTO

    Incident and Reporting

    Cyber Hygiene

    Administration Management

    Security and Systems Patches

    Security Standard Management

    Network Defence Management

    Malware Protection Management

    Multi-Factor Authentication


    BCM and DR Test Reports

    Business Continuity Plan

    Disaster Recovery Plan

    Business Impact Assessment

    Annual Test (BCP & DRP)

    Plan & Duration

    Sample Reports

    Patch Report

    System reports that indicate the updates and patches

    AV Report

    AV update reports that indicate the updates and patches

    BCP Report

    Outlines how you will continue to operate during & after a disruptive event

    IT Policy

    IT Policy that aligns with your infrastructure and your company context

    Asset Management

    List of IT assets you have in the company

    User Access Matrix

    Provides a clear summary of the different levels of access to IT systems

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