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    Under-rated Websites

    Under-rated Websites

    So here are some of the best and most underrated websites you can visit.

    You are welcome.


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    1 Radio.Garden Listen to radio around the world.
    2 Outline Allow you to read text on websites without seeing ads.
    3 WindowSwap View people’s windows around the world (not live feeds).
    4 Boil the Frog Putting 2 music artists in and make a playlist connecting them for you.
    5 JustWatch Search Movie/TV Shows and tells you where it’s streaming.
    6 1o Minute Mail Create random email to read random website.
    7 ToffeeShare ShareFiles without size limit, with encryption and not being stored online.
    8 What’s for Dinner? What do you want to make for dinner?
    9 Photopea Online Image Editor with Photoshop feature.
    10 myNoise Creating multiple background noise. Remember to go for .net.
    11 Forvo Have it pronounced in different accents/dialects.
    12 Number of People in Space the title says itself.
    13 chir.age’s Tip of My Tongue Find the word you’ve been thinking about but can’t seem to remember.
    14 SCI-HUB Access to paid online journals.
    15 WornOnTV Tracking down exact clothes actors wear in TV shows.
    16 FutureMe Write a letter to the future
    17 EROWID Unbiased information about recreational drugs.
    18 FotoForensics Use to check if photos are photoshopped.
    19 LightningMaps.org Real-time lightning strikes anywhere in the world.
    20 DeepL Alternative to Google Translate with results more natural and elegant.
    21 Ninite Commonly used programs that you should download. No ads no bs.
    22 Pointer Pointer Mainly use it just to be impressed by the photos and to have a good laugh.
    23 The Noun Project Icons and Photos for Everything.
    24 camelcamelcamel Tracks the price history on Amazon.
    25 earth.nullschool.net For weather watching people.
    26 Free Campsites Need to find somewhere to park overnight?
    27 PDF Drive This site has a pretty cool collection of free ebooks without registering.
    28 NaturalReader Text-to-speech site that lets you copy and paste passages into a text box.
    29 all8’s Tap for BPM Ttap any key on your keyboard in time to some music to find its BPM.
    30 FutureTimeline.net Learning history and the future.
    31 removeBG Removing the background of any image. You can even just Ctrl + V.
    32 IMSLP Petrucci Music Library Find any classical music over 100 years old.
    33 Historical Currency Conversions How monetary values from the past stack up in today’s money.
    34 Ravelry If you’re a knitter or crocheter, this site for you.
    35 RunPee Best time for a bathroom break during a movie & gives you what’s missing.
    36 GetHuman A place where the Internet will find you a phone number to call
    37 Internet Archive Your go-to archive library
    38 A Soft Murmur Play all kind of soothing background noises.
    39 Removeddit Shows you the content of most removed posts and comments on Reddit.
    40 Atomic Rockets An overview of technologies, concepts, and problems
    41 Donjon Auto-generate dungeon maps, world maps, names, or any kind of thing
    42 Flight Radar Tracks airplane movement all over the world.
    43 Stellarium It’s kinda like Google Earth for the sky, planets, and stars.