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    Expect to see shortcut keys like Ctrl + Alt + Del and Alt + F4? Nah. This is a list of no common sense and little-known computer tips you will actually use.     Google Chrome     To open Chrome’s built-in task manager: Press Shift+ Esc. Extremely useful when Chrome freezes.   To remove specific suggestion: Select the suggestion, then press Shift+ Delete. Go and delete your embarrassing searches now.   To drag multiple tabs to a new window: Press Ctrl+ Click...

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    Are you an Apple user? Do you use third-party keyboard apps on your phone? If you do not already know, on iOS, third-party keyboard extensions can function fully on its own without access to other outside services and therefore, are not allowed to store what you type unless you grant “full access” permissions to enable some additional features through network access.   After the release of iOS...

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